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Leads are the life blood of the business of selling insurance. Our company takes pride in offering this service to our independent agents, so that they can start right away seeing customers continuously throughout the day and maximize their income. Please see our Home page for further information on our leads-at-cost system

Below are some examples of Lead Pieces we have sent out in the past. In addition to these, we have approximately 60 additional lead pieces available to our independent agents, depending on the market or markets they are interested in. Following the sample leads, we have included 3 additional lead ideas that require little or no investment that we can assist you with.

Direct Mail Pieces

  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplementthis piece has prices written on the mailer so the customer knows exactly what the rate is for the supplement, not a lot of “tire kickers” with this mailer because the prices are attached, a professional color tri-fold.  I can do 5000 of these every 6 months per agent, and more if production supports it ($275/1000)


  • Mutual of Omaha Terma trifold explaining the need for term. Great for new homeowners lists (5000/6mos) ($275/1000)






























  • Generic Medicare Supplement leadwill usually have the lowest rates available listed.  Easy to sell, customers typically only return it if they like the prices of the new product listed.  No product specific information for the companies so it’s generic (unlimited) ($325/1000)































  • Oxford Life Final Expensea final expense lead trifold with sample prices listed, directly for the senior market ($275/1000)






  • Oxford Life Single Premium – a single premium life insurance lead trifold for wealth transfer customers ($275/1000)
  • T-65 generic mailer – generic to generate med supp or mapd interest to those turning 65

































Over 60 additional Lead pieces available!!!

Additional lead ideas:

Door Knock leads:

This lead consists of taking one of our lead cards (lead pieces) with the customer’s name pre-printed on it. Since many agents have sent similar mailers to the area already, seniors are receptive when they recognize it as one they’ve seen before. Simply dropping by and showing them the card, and mentioning that you help people save money on their insurance is enough to get you in the door pretty often. We offer these to our agents for 50 cents a lead with no minimum.

Cold Names lists:

These are available for 2 cents/name, with no minimums. They are Excel spreadsheets of names, phone numbers (lists have varying amounts), addresses, income brackets, ages, etc. These can be used very effectively in conjunction with mailers being sent to an area and using the door knock method. Also, agents can use the list to find people with the same last name in the area, or other people on the street of someone you sold on the same street that fit the same demographics.

Door Hangers:

These are final expense door hangers from Oxford Life that are only .04 each. If agents are using either of the other systems, this is a great leave behind piece with final expense information and your contact information listed on the door hanger. It will be easier to come back than if you sent something in the mail!