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Medicare supplement, Term, Annuity, and Final Expense raters - All online for our contracted agents!

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$20 Health & Medicare Leads (for contracted agents)

Buy exclusive leads as you need them, or get discounted mail $210-$325 per thousand!

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A message from our CEO and founder Philip Roesel:

“Insurance sales can be a very lucrative and personally rewarding career. I really enjoy helping customers save money on their coverage, and helping them meet their financial goals. It’s equally exciting to bring new agents into the workforce, provide support and mentoring, and see them succeed…. or provide new tools and opportunities that make a real difference in the bottom line for even the most experienced agents. Although it can be a difficult field for a lot of people, with the right tools and information-sharing, I feel like most anyone should be able to have a long, prosperous career in the industry.”

Medicare Contracts and Leads

Medicare Supplement Contracting markets to independent life and health agents in the Senior market. Our focus is Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans, but we also carry popular Senior products such as life, final expense, and annuities, and cost-effective dental, health, auto, homeowners, and business insurance when requested. Click “About” to learn about our company, our current highlighted products, and additional services we provide.

Our founder and CEO, Phil Roesel, began selling insurance in 1998, and he quickly learned the value of quality leads. Over the years, he has seen many agents struggle to sell the volume of insurance they aspired to, simply because they didn’t know how to get in front of enough prospects, and spent too much time prospecting, and not selling.

How Are We Different?

We offer standard street level contracts for agents with the typical CMS commission schedules, as well as recruiting contracts for agents with down lines, we have lead programs available that ensure a steady flow of interested customers. We have our own direct mail equipment, so we can do mailers at cost, which provides a tremendous benefit to our agents.

Mailers start at $275 per thousand ($350 max), and we do not require minimums on direct mail, except for the minimum imposed by the USPS, which is 200. Most mail houses charge around $475 per thousand (which includes a profit margin for the mail house) and have 1,000 lead minimums. Our process makes it easier for new or transitioning agents with limited marketing budgets, gives agents the opportunity to work smaller area, and results in higher net earnings.

With an average 40% closing rate on the returned leads requesting an appointment, our agents can expect to make an average of 8x their investment and can expect to see daily commissions of $1200 based on 10 appointments (4 sales – average $300 commission – net earnings: $1,050/day), without having to spend days prospecting.