Ashley Wilson - marketer

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In addition to continually providing our leads-at-cost system, offers many other continuing support features. Each agent will have an accessible “point of contact” person for any questions or concerns. We also aim to have weekly Webinars to answer questions in depth, share information or concerns, and keep agents posted on any changes or new opportunities.

We keep all Supplement rate charts current and accessible and we can direct you to websites that provide specific Medicare Advantage Plans and their benefits available per county, as well as addressing the specifics of these plans during Webinars.

We want our agents to have all the tools and information readily available, so that they can devote their work time almost solely to meeting with customers and making sales. We welcome agents’ ideas concerning any way we can provide additional help in that regard. Tablet Applications will expedite filling out applications, especially for couples. It is our goal to make it possible for our agents to be in the field as many days /week as he or she desires without the need to spend days or hours each day prospecting, or keeping up with regulations, rates and benefits, or changes. has formed and continues to form partnerships and alliances with the premier insurance companies in the Senior Health market and looks forward to sharing these partnerships and our other resources with our independent agents.